Friends /Sisters In Christ

I have been pondering the wonderful providence of God, how He brings people into our lives who become life long friends/sisters.

He uses these sisters to encourage us in our walk with the Lord, to lift us up when we are down, gently point us in the right direction when we stray, speak wise words when we think foolish ones, share hugs and kisses and tears when we most need them, provide a listening ear and to hold our hand as we travel through the miry clay of this world.

If you do not have any such friends (and it can so easily happen in this busy world of ours where people seem to be too busy to be friends), pray about it, and then look for opportunities to be friendly with a woman (no matter of age). You take the initiative. Invite someone over for a coffee, a Bible study or a picnic in the park. I have “sisters” who are in their 20’s and some in their 80’s, (and I am somewhere in the middle!). I have one “sister” , who is 23, who shares her highs, lows and struggles with me and who is such an encouragement to me. She spurs me on to do the good works that the Lord has laid out for me. Another in her 80’s who has blessed me so much by her example of a loving wife (her husband of 63 years recently passed on to be with the Lord).

Being a friend is about sharing our lives and being honest. You may not need to share every little struggle in your life but be open that your life is not perfect, that we all sin and we all need encouragement to become more like Christ.  Be a friend who is kind, gentle, loving, but also self-controlled, faithful, peaceable, joyful and practical.

I do not believe it is healthy for us to have just one best friend, who we spend all our time with. Sometimes they even replace the relationship and affection we should have for our husbands or for single people they become almost like psuedo-boyfriends. When God called us to be one of His daughters, He also called us into a community of other believers, whom we are to love as brothers and sisters.  Being exclusive isn’t a part of that.

So treasure your friends. Cultivate friendships with those who are lonely. Be a friend. Be friendly. Rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn. Share one another’s burdens. Keep your listening ears open, your smile at the ready, your arms ready for hugs, keep a tissue or two in your handbag and love one another.