Lessons I have learnt

Recently I was told that it was alright for me, [that I was confident, hospitable and easily made friends with people] because I was a pastor’s wife and I naturally had those talents. Let me tell you, 27 ¬†years ago when my husband first met me, I was painfully shy, miserably insecure and absolutely terrified of meeting people.

This conversation made me think about who I am, who I have become and how could I help my friend become more like Christ.

This is what I came up with:

I have LEARNT to ask God for his good gifts (I once asked him to make me busy! Boy, the Lord sure loved answering that one!), for his wisdom (that has come a bit slower) and his strength (I have realised I cannot do anything without him).

I have LEARNT to smile … a lot.

I have LEARNT to listen … quietly and patiently.

I have LEARNT how to start a conversation and be interested in people’s lives.

I have LEARNT to tell others about the good things God has blessed me with, even in times of trial and suffering and in times of health and when the going is good.

I have LEARNT to give glory to God and to be thankful in all situations and circumstances.

I have LEARNT to serve others.

I have LEARNT to be hospitable cheerfully; especially when unexpected guests arrive, when I am tired, when there doesn’t seem to be any food or “room at the inn”.

I have LEARNT that I will never stop learning to trust the Lord, in everything.

I have LEARNT that I will never stop learning all of the above.

My friend can learn these things too (if I can, anyone can!) and so can you.