A Recipe For a Christian Marriage

A Recipe for a Christian marriage:

One large measure of faith

1 C understanding

1 Tbsp each of compassion, gentleness, peace, self-control

A dash of spiciness

1 C Contentment

1 C friendship

Blend with mutual hobbies, friendships and hospitality.

Gently fold in differences of opinion and loving respect, quickly adding submission and forgiveness.

Pour in Bible devotions and studies and let it stand.

Sweeten with laughter and add pure extract of hugs and kisses.

Add lashings of encouragement as required.

Sift out pride, selfishness and anger.

Stir with love and humility until there is unity.

Garnish with music and creativity.

Sprinkle with good communication and cover with prayer.

Bake in the slow-cooker of faithfulness for the years ahead.

Serve on the hope of life eternal.

Your marriage is founded on the covenant you made with each other and with God when you married. This is your rock solid foundation. This is the superglue that binds you together. Having been brought together, by God’s good grace, you can now build your marriage together, resting on His promises and His Word.

Life in Christ is a tremendously exciting journey. No longer are jobs, homes, or money the most important thing in your lives, (important though they are), but it is being obedient to the Lord Jesus Christ. Give up your lives as living sacrifices to Him and trust him for the future. As you trust Christ for the temporal things that you need to live each day and for your spiritual needs to live life eternally, He will guide you and strengthen you. As you both put Him first in your lives, you, too, will find a unity of purpose and plan and this will draw you still closer together.

On a practical front:

– Don’t forget your own personal walk with the Lord

– Pray for your marriage, your husband and yourself

– Eat well and surprise your husband with new recipes

– Encourage your husband

– Make your home a sanctuary for you both

– Keep within budget

– Play and be fun to be with

– Keep your mind active so that you can have an intelligent conversation

– Be interested in what your husband does

– Dress to please him

– Get enough sleep

– Keep on top of the washing!

– Always behave in a godly manner; humble, forgiving, kind, gentle etc.

And above all else: Keep close to the Lord, and keep Him the centre of your marriage.

(written for my daughter, Zipporah,  who recently married)


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