I am increasingly being ask to speak so I thought I would provide a few details.

I am currently living in Christchurch in New Zealand, a pastor’s wife and I am homeschooling 2 children. All speaking engagements will need to fit within those constraints. Please enquire about dates.

I am available to speak to groups/conferences for women with an emphasis on Christ. Some of the homeschooling topics are more practical but I am a Christian through and through and I will be speaking from this point of view.


I am willing to prepare and speak on many subjects. Here are some of the talks I have already prepared: Hospitality (Showing a Stranger Love), The Role of Women in the Church, Titus 2 Women, Marriage (various topics), Parenting (various topics), Adoption, Homeschooling (various topics), Contentment or Covetousness, Personal and Family Devotions, Spiritually and Emotionally Fit, Outrageously Rebellious Children, Be Thankful.

I hope this is helpful.

Please contact me on reformedpastorswife@gmail.com for further details.


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